DAB Radios – The Future Is Here

Throughout Europe, DAB — or Digital Audio Broadcast — radios have led the radio revolution in the transition from old-style analog programming to the digital future. Although in America there has been a moderate push toward HD radios, European governments see DAB as the logical progression of radio, despite the fact that that the push has been consumer-led rather than coming from the top.

What is a DAB Radio & Why Should I Care?

Specialty programming is accessible anywhere. From jazz to classic rock, talk to classical, DAB Radios have something for everyone. Increasingly, stations are offering listeners the ability to pause and rewind radio. Much like DVRs for TV, this feature lets you listen to what you want, when you want it.

Once you have found the station you want to listen to, you simply need to remember its name and search it out in the future. No need to remember a frequency number.

Perhaps most usefully, you can get information about what you are currently listening to immediately via your DAB radio’s LCD screen, rather than having to wait for a DJ to say it or station identification.

DAB radios are moving into the market more than ever with the push in 2007 to the new standard called DAB+ that lets better quality audio be transmitted and received by the listener. Although not necessarily of better quality than FM radio, the advantages of DAB are numerous.

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DAB Programming Choices

Above all else, DAB radios let you listen to broadcasts from around the world. Even in America, if you own a DAB radio you can access stations from more than 20 different countries throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Like satellite radio services, there are also ranges of portable DAB radio that let you take your favourite programming with you on the go. At the end of the day, DAB is an excellent choice for global programming and convenience. Moreover, as the technology evolves, broadcast will begin to include video in addition to the current audio, making DAB an even more powerful platform.

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