What Does Collocation Web Hosting Have to Offer and Is It Meant for You?

What is Collocation Web Hosting

Every entrepreneur dreams to host a web site that compares with that of Multinational Companies having turnover of billions of dollars. However, these companies have dedicated servers to support their websites and a team of Information Technology professionals and specialist web designers for daily maintenance and upkeep.  A small time entrepreneur who has just made a modest beginning cannot afford the luxury of employing such professionals. But that does not mean that he cannot aspire to achieve what he has set for. Collocation Web Hosting is the new concept that allows him to enjoy the benefits of that dedicated, well designed and maintained web hosting without actually owning it or making heavy payments for it.

Collocation web hosting – Unveiled

The concept for the purpose of understanding is akin to taking a franchise. Let us imagine that a young entrepreneur wishes to indulge in catering business. He has to cater to marketing, space, furnishing, advertisement, kitchen and serving staff, accounting procedures, and so on and so forth. That the business would succeed amongst many things would largely depend upon capital, expertise, good fortune, location and competition. On the contrary if this young entrepreneur decides to take the franchise of McDonalds then he doesn’t have to worry about majority of the things as they take care of themselves along with the brand name. He rides on the brand yet at the same time earning through his own hard work. Collocation Web Hosting is a similar concept. A well established and professionally managed system permits Collocation of your server and you get to share the bandwidth. It is like occupying a vacant slot by placing your server in a professionally managed machine. The company powers your server, provides you the IP and the bandwidth. Thus you get the benefits of a dedicated server by paying a kind of rent or royalty for the franchise. Collocation Web Hosting matches the services of a dedicated server at the price of shared web Hosting.

Collocation- Merits and Demerits

The value for money feature of the Collocation Web Hosting is the access to cheap bandwidth with much higher speeds and reliability. Another advantage that comes to fore and surpasses the characteristics of any other kind of web hosting, is reliability during bad weather.  Many websites go down during ice storms because they are not able to survive the outages. The alternate supply is never enough to meet the basic needs. The provider of the Collocation Web Hosting services is responsible to provide power backup through alternate sources and keeps your website running. Last but not the least you are not dependent upon the Collocation host to upgrade your server when you feel the need has come. If you feel that the server is running slow or is short on memory; you can simply upgrade your server.  And since you own the hardware you are at liberty to install the tools and software of your choice.

Collocation Web Hosting is yet to gain enough popularity for you to find a provider in your neighborhood; unless you stay in a big city. Also you do not have access to your hardware at all times as it is located at the provider’s premises. If for some reasons you wish to attend to the server you will have to wait for the correct working hours and availability of the provider to provide you physical access.

Collocation Web Hosting Service – Is it for me? 

If you run a small time business or your requirement is personal then Collation Web Hosting is not meant for you. However, if you aspire to have a huge web presence but cannot afford your own dedicated staff then Collocation Web Hosting is the right choice for you.

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