Camera Accessories you will need with you Everywhere

The experience of Digital Photography is enhanced by using various sorts of camera accessories. When you purchase a new digital camera you must be wondering you got all you need to start clicking. But there is much more to Digital Cameras. There are hundreds of different accessories you need to purchase for your digital camera.We have prepared a list different digital camera accessories you need for your digital camera:

Memory Cards

Most of the digital cameras have just a few MB’s of memory. That is not enough for the size of photos they capture. It is important to buy a memory card with the camera that has more memory than you will ever think of using for storing photos. It is a good to have twice as much space as you normally use. This will help you when you can’t get off old pics from your camera and you need to click new ones.


If you buy a camera that takes AA or AAA batteries, like some Fujifilm cameras and many more, it is not a bad idea to get some extra batteries or use batteries that are rechargeable so you can recharge them as well as keep some spare batteries which will be useful under emergencies. Even if you use a camera which does not use AA or AAA batteries you can buy one of its battery and keep it charged as a spare battery.

Carrying Bag

If you have bought a bulky digital camera or a bulky DSLR, chances are that you are weary of carrying it around and tired of keeping it safe of sudden slips of drops. You can try cases which are sold by the camera manufacturers not only because they are of good quaity, but also because the are spacey and can carry your accessories with it! This will keep all you camera accessories safe where ever you go!


Though not everyone needs a tripod, it is a great accessory to make taking pictures easier and taking better photos with correct zoom, alignment etc. The advantages of tripod are self-explanatory and it is essentially important when you need to take Portraits. Also when buying a tripod take care to buy a tripod which is not very difficult to carry!

You will not need all the accessories listed but this may be a great reference for you! You can check out a great collection at OLx India.

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