Best apps for Iphone 4S

Iphone 4S is the latest smart-phone from the Apple Family. Though people say that it isn’t something very new, it has brought great surprises. The Iphone 4S got the i-os 5 and thus there is a plethora apps that are available for it in the Apple App Store. Some of the Best apps for Iphone 4S are:

  1. Anyplayer: Anyplayer is one of the best apps for the Iphone 4S. It supports playback for all types of audio and video files and not just those one’s which the i-tunes approves of! Any-Player can be great app for those who have music or videos in different formats. Files can be copied via Wi-Fi through a browser or even drag n’ drop from iTunes works. The interface is good and clear. The playback is a bit cramped. It can also handle web streams. There are more such apps but this is a lot cheaper than those.
  2. 8mm vintage camera app for Iphone8mm Vintage Camera: This is a great app you can use to show the power of your Iphone 4S. This app allows recording of 720p HD video Recording. This app captures movies like the old vintage movie cameras did. By mixing and matching films and lenses, we can get back those retro appearances in your movies. With a single tap or swipe you can add dust, scratches, retro colors, flickering effects,light leaks, frame jitters etc.
  3. Pandora Radio: This is a free radio streaming service that is capable of streaming music on your phone. You can also choose from over 1 million songs that are available on the panda radio database. Local songs may not be present. You may buy the songs using a small link of amazon present on the app. The quality of the audio is great but but it may take quite some time before the next video starts streaming. This app is a must have for all the music lovers.
  4. Shazam app for Iphone 4SShazam : Who does not know about Shazam? Shazam is an app that lets you identify any song you do not know of. It can listen and save the song and you may buy the song from the iTunes app store through shazam once shazam identifies the song.  Shazam can access its database and check from millions of songs. But it can also do a lot of more things like discovering new music, learn lyrics of a song, share music, watch videos etc. Shazam is compatible with previous versions of Iphone and Ipod Touches as well!
  5. Google Maps: This app is one of the best apps of this device and for the Iphone does not have any native maps or apps that uses GPS, it is very important. The new version of the app also supports turn by turn navigation and vector based graphics zoom in and causing no buffering or slow-down. There are many 3D models of major cities around the world and they are slowly adding more apps. They also have an impressive satellite navigation and download of voice navigation controls is not required.The satellite navigation is also impressive and we now don’t require downloading the voice navigation controls. This is important for Iphone 4S users because this is the best app for GPS navigation.

These were some of the best apps for Iphone 4S. If you liked this, also read Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S2!