Are Students Too Reliant on Technology?


With the beginning of the new school year, students are looking to purchase the latest in technology to help them through their education. Laptops, computer packages, software and smaller items such as memory sticks from companies like, are just a few of the items used to make school and University life easier. There is now a very real concern that students are so reliant upon technology and the Internet that they do not fully understand the information they compile and are in fact not learning the necessary elements.

Is In-Depth Research Just Coming from Google?

Assignments and assessmentsrequire a large amount of research and some topics will need a more in-depth look to produce the perfect essay. Students should use a variation of sources for research, also known as primary and secondary research, yet there seems to be a strong focus on Google and the information that it provides.

The Internet is the key to information; holding the vital facts and statistics that are perfectly incorporated into essays, yet the information cannot be fully appreciated if it is not thoroughly looked into through a multitude of sources to check its reliability.

Are Plagiarism Cases on the Increase?


It is all too easy for students to lift important areas of information from the Internet and drop it into their work. This has led to an increase in the number of plagiarism cases that have been reported and will result in students losing marks or even their place on the course. Work needs to be original and must show a true understanding, which is not the case if someone else has written it.

Are Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation being Ignored?

The computer makes everything so much easier, from the speed at which assignments are produced, to the spelling, grammar and sentence structure. There will be little focus from the student on these areas if technology does it for them. This is modern life, and computers are the future, yet there is still a need to produce work of the highest standard, including the way information is both written and presented, which shows the level of understanding and education.

Do Students Have it too Easy?

The influence of technology has made many areas of being a student far simpler. The level at which students are able to complete work, the information that is gained and the items that are available to them to produce a well detailed understanding of the topics they must learn, is aided by technology. However, education has become more difficult and students are constantly tested, facing high workloads and the need to fulfil certain elements in order to pass their courses.

Yes, students are reliant on the latest tech but this is not simply down to attitudesand dependence on technology, but also the number of work students face and technology – quite simply – makes education possible.

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