Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best Android devices that are available in the market. This device is believed to have inspired from the Apple’s iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is loaded with Google’s Android OS and thus there is a plethora apps that are available in the Android market. Some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S2:

  1. Google Maps: This app is one of the best apps of this device. The newly improved app now supports the voice navigation controls and with vector-based graphics zooming in and out with no buffering or slowdown. Many 3D models of many major cities that being introduced slowly in this app.The satellite navigation is also impressive and we now don’t require downloading the voice navigation controls. A simple click on the Samsung Galaxy icon will lock in the GPS and within few seconds we will be reaching our destination.
  1. Polaris Office: This is a fully functional office suite that is suited for the businessmen and travellers who need to perform editing of the documents on the go. The file manager is also provided in the app that helps in better management of the files. The search functionality is lighter and faster and makes a minimum utilization of the resources. There are a number of other office suites like Android Office Suite, Google Docs, etc. which are equally good. You can use them if you are using them for a long time.Polaris Office app for s2
  2. Photo/Video Editor: The Samsung Galaxy S2 is equipped with an 8 Megapixel camera that makes it an ultimate powerhouse for all your image and video needs. The market is flooded with many rubbish image and video editing softwares that seem to be boring and monotonous.This photo editor is capable of performing traditional operations like cropping, colour fixing, selection, etc. the editor also has smart selection of the objects in the image that improves the quality of your snaps. The select
    ion tool is difficult to understand at first use, but it will be breeze as you use it frequently.
  1. Task Manager: This is another utility app that is similar to the task manager that we use on a Windows Operating System. The simple app can help you in uninstalling the apps, shut down and reboot your mobile with a single touch of a button, available memory, downloaded apps and much more. This app shuts down almost everything which means that all the apps will reboot again thus making the Galaxy S2 slow to operate.
  2. Pandora Radio: This is a personalized free radio streaming service that is capable of streaming music on your phone. Choose from more than 1 million songs that are present in the database of Pandora. The avaialibilty of local songs might not be available. Besides this, you can always buy these song using a small link of Amazon that has been incorporated in the app. The audio quality is also good. But the downside of this app is that there is a significant delay before the next song streams which the company needs to work upon.

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