Android has Greatest Share of Mobile Market

If you’re seeking a new mobile phone then you may be interested to know that most people worldwide use of Android handsets. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Apple is in second place – due to the huge popularity of its iPhones – and Windows Phone took third spot, beating off the competition of BlackBerry.

That is according to the latest statistics from the International Data Corporation, which indicated that in the first quarter of this year 92.3% of smartphone shipments globally were for iOS and Android.

It found that the two firms’ combined figures showed a 59.1% increase in shipment numbers this year compared to last, with 199.5 million units being distributed.

In terms of manufacturers Samsung led the way for Android, accounting for 41.1 per cent of its entire sales. Meanwhile, the greatest year-on-year gains were achieved by Windows Phone with 20.3 million being sent out by Nokia alone since it started using the operating system. Nokia was also responsible for 79 per cent of the overall shipments during the first part of 2013, producing mobiles such as Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

BlackBerry 10 was heralded as a “significant breakthrough” for the organisation, but was not enough to prevent it seeing double-digit declines. The lower price of its BB7 handsets ensured they made up the greatest part of its shipments.

Symbian saw the greatest drop in shipments in comparison to the previous year, due largely to Nokia’s decision to switch to Windows Phone, while Linux also saw a decline, although it may find hope in a number of new smartphone releases expected for next year.

IDC senior analyst Kevin Restivopointed out that to become a more attractive alternative to the two major platforms Windows Phone will need to increase its volumes.

“Windows Phone claiming the third spot is a first and helps validate the direction taken by Microsoft and key partner Nokia,” he stated.

Commenting on the figures research manager with IDC’s mobile team Ramon Llamas said: “Android and iOS accounted for more than the lion’s share of smartphones in the first quarter, but a closer examination of the other platforms reveals turnaround and demand for alternatives.”

So it seems that if you want to have a handset on the most popular operating system then it needs to be an Android. There is a huge range available from manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Motorola. So why not take a look at some of them more closely?

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