Achieving Optimum Academic Performance with Video Technology Tools

In this era where everything is as dynamic as the tides and seasons, it is but natural to notice that the young generation continue to take major roles in influencing technology, market trends, and various changes in socio-political and environmental matters.  The internet for one, is an innovation that initiated further change and development.  Along with these changes also comes a shift on methods in education, instruction, experimentation and research.

As we carry on the second decade of this century, internet usage continues to flourish, portable saving devices are being introduced in the market and the number of smart phone users boost in an all-time high.  In most cases, it is the young generation that carries the society into new frontiers of education backgrounds.

Various studies show the impact of video as one multimedia educational platform.  These tools each have their own effects in enhancing academic performance in the following aspects:

Objective Test Results: Streaming real-time and on-demand video has been publicized to influence grades and test performance as discussed in a number of studies conducted by various colleges and universities. Some of these studies conclude that students who experience viewing video streams as part of their mode of learning outperform those who only experience traditional classroom discussions.

School preparedness: Children approaching the age suitable for enrolment in formal school need to be properly prepared especially when it comes to the changes that come with the transition.   Kids who were exposed to educational television were shown to have a progressiveimpression on the level of school preparedness.  Simple but important skills such as, but not limited to, number, letter and color recognition were inherent qualities observed. In the same way educational television also creates a positive effect on cognition for learners across all age groups.

Opportunities for Collaborative efforts: Technologies like Wowza media servers and Red5 media servers enable the learners to have uninterrupted and reliable access to educational video streaming which are then found to empower students when it comes to collaboration and problem-solving situations. This enables the students develop the appropriate skills needed by more effective team players for the future workforce.

Caters to Different Learning Styles: Video streaming is only the beginning of a more promising venture in the education field.  Since videos are strings of images and sounds, they become effective tools for educators to get through all students who have different learning styles.

Engaging Learning experience: Through educational video streaming, children can absorb more from the lessons. They are also given more opportunities to interact, process the information and respond in whichever way possible.  Several studies show that a diversified approach in teaching and instruction has favourable effects on intellectual development of children.  Face to face instruction may be combined with other multimedia platforms to enhance the child’s other senses too.

Wowza servers and Red5 servers are only a couple of the existing technologies that provide accessible educational.  It will now depend on the collaborative efforts of the parents, teachers and the other elders to adopt these tools either in the classroom or the home

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