888Ladies Mobile Bingo App Review


Play Bingo on the go with the new 888ladies Bingo mobile app

Enjoy the 888ladies experience on the go with the brand new mobile bingo app. Sign up today and receive exclusive mobile bingo rewards!

888ladies has recently released its free mobile bingo app for iPhone, allowing members to enjoy their favourite bingo games – and a range of other instant games – wherever they go.

Getting started

Installing the new app is simple – it’s available for download by visiting www.888ladies.com via your phone’s browser, or by scanning a handy QR code on the desktop website. Players can even sign up using a convenient text service, making it easy to get started straightaway. There are no additional sign up requirements to use the mobile app, as 888ladies members can use their existing bingo account on their mobile devices.

Inside the app

Once the app is launched, players are greeted with the familiar 888ladies pink-themed lobby, from where they can access their favourite 90-ball bingo games, as well as a selection of instant slots, making this one of the most comprehensive mobile bingo apps on the market. 888ladies have also promised to make the popular 75-ball option available for mobile very soon.

In addition to the games themselves, playing mobile bingo at 888ladies is made that little bit more familiar through the addition of a chat option to the smartphone platform. This means that players can enjoy the game that they love on the move without sacrificing cherished social features from the desktop version.


Game features

The mobile bingo rooms make excellent use of the smartphone screen, with purchased tickets taking up the majority of the available area. This gives players a handy overview of how they are doing, while a discrete timer lets them know how long is left until the next round. 888ladies has also made it simple to navigate between bingo and instant games, with clearly signposted access to all playing options.

Instant play slots are just as good as the bingo rooms, with colourful animations and smooth play making it feel as if you’re playing on a laptop. The current selection is quite limited, although new games are thought to be on the way soon.

Overall, the 888ladies mobile bingo app is a great entry into the mobile market, with smooth gameplay and a fully featured 90-ball bingo room meaning that users can keep themselves entertained on the move.

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