7 Tips to Write Highly Effective Blog Comment to Boost Your Traffic

Commenting on other blogs will help you to boost your traffic. The key is to write high quality comment that both the blogger and the readers will like. In doing so, you will attract their interest toward your blog and the surge of traffic will come to your blog shortly after your comment is published. Here are 7 tips to write highly effective blog comment to boost your traffic:

1. Put your name to build your online credibility

Putting your keyword in the name field of your comment will only hurt your reputation. Yes, some of the link builders will suggest you to put your keyword in the name field, but if you want to build real credibility with your comment, you have to put your name in the name field. Why? You will do that so that people will know about you and since you’ll link your name with your blog, your blog will also be known. It is true that you will not gain good search engine boost by doing this, but you will gain credibility boost instead.

2. Write responsive and friendly comment

You should write a responsive and friendly comment if you want to build good reputation. Responsive comment means that the comment is a form of response for the blog post. You will either agree or disagree with the content of the post. And most importantly, you have to keep a friendly tone in your comment if you happen to disagree with the post. Just don’t provoke negative discussions in your comment.

3. Include question to attract reply

A question will attract more discussion. You should leave a question in the end of your comment to attract response from the blogger or the readers. In this way, they will know you more. It will help you to become a “spotlight” commenter in that blog post.

4. Write your comment to relevant and popular blogs

You also need to selectively place your comment. The blog where you place your comment should be relevant with your blog and it must be popular as well. You have to do this because your main purpose in writing blog comment is to boost your blog traffic. If you place your comment to unpopular or irrelevant blogs, it won’t help you to drive good traffic to your blog.

5. Address the blogger or writer

You should write your comment with courtesy for the blogger who wrote the post. Instead of writing comment like “I like your post [insert your comment]”, you should write a more personalized comment like “Hi John, excellent post. I like your post [insert your comment]”. It will help you to connect with the blogger better.

6. Comment regularly

If you want to get noticed by the blogger as well as the readers of the blog, you should regularly write your comment. Remember, repetition will help to market your blog more effectively.

7. Don’t spam

Avoid writing spammy comments such as “nice post” “I love your post” “Keep it up” and other short comments that don’t hold any good value for the blog.

If you want to write a blog comment that will help to boost your credibility and traffic, you can follow the tips above. Those tips will help you to write high quality comment that the blogger and the readers will like.

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