7 Must Have Features of A Domain Name

Just having a domain name is not enough for your business. It will not guarantee you individuality and uniqueness you are seeking. Hence, having a good domain name that will provide you all the above is what matters the most.

Following are the must-have features of a domain name:

1. Simple and easy to remember

One of the must have features of domain name is that it should be extremely simple and easy to remember so that the users do not face any difficulty in remembering the name.

2. Exclusive

Another feature of domain name is that they should be exclusive in nature and should carry uniqueness. That way, people will prefer using the particular domain name in comparison to other domain names.

3. Should not be similar to other domain names

One of the major drawbacks of domain names being similar is that the user may confuse one domain name for another. Therefore, it is very important for a domain name to be distinct and dissimilar to other domain names. Otherwise, similarity in the names will lose the users desirability in the domain and they may not prefer using it.


4. Short but descriptive

A domain name is successful only if it is short but descriptive at the same time. A good domain name should be able to reveal the minimalist details about the product or the Company the domain name is based on in the shortest day possible.

5. Relatedness (Not only with the product, but with the customer’s needs too)

A good domain name should have the quality of relatedness so that the users can relate to the site they have opened. Also, the domain name should have some resemblance with the product it is based on. If the domain name is entirely different from the actual product then it is of no use.

6. Extension

It is necessary for a domain name to have a good extension. Extensions generally ending with .com and .in are most successful and help in getting users attention as they have been in use since long and are also easy to remember.

7. Creativity

Toying a little with the domain name can be very helpful if the business intends to make a mark in the market. The domain name should be catchy and captivating so that users find it hard to forget the name of the domain they landed upon.

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