7 Best Gadgets for Travellers to Dubai

Its proximity to Asia, numerous attractions and stunning infrastructure make Dubai one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. High-tech travel gadgets can make staying connected and keeping track of your things a breeze when travelling to this fast-growing city. Stay on top of your email using your wristwatch; bring blurry photos into focus; track your luggage — and more!

1) Pebble Watch

Business travellers to Dubai will adore the Pebble Watch. This gadget uses Bluetooth technology to sync with your smartphone. When you get an email, text, tweet or Facebook message, the Pebble Watch will alert you. Use the Pebble Watch to view your data without being rude, so you can stay connected even as you stroll the Jumeirah Beach Walk. The display uses e-paper technology and is readable outdoors.

2) ZAGGMate

The ZAGGMate is a keyboard for your iPad that doubles as a hard protective case. With the ZAGGMate, you can use your iPad as you would a laptop. Whether you’re travelling to Dubai for business or pleasure, the ZAGGMate gives you the functionality of a laptop without the extra weight. Leave your laptop at home and use the ZAGGMate to keep up with Facebook or stay on top of work while you’re visiting Dubai.

3) Trakdot

Speaking of luggage, the Trakdot can help you track yours on your Dubai trip. Just put the Trakdot in your valise and install its app on your smartphone. When you land at Dubai International Airport, check the app to know right away whether your luggage arrived with you in Dubai — or whether it’s in another city. When you get within nine metres of your luggage, Trakdot will alert you.

4) Lytro Camera

Do your photos always turn out blurry, no matter how hard you try to take to them with a steady hand? Now you don’t have to worry about your photos of the Dubai Fountain, the Jumeirah Mosque or the Bastakiya District coming out unfocused. With the Lytro camera, you can bring your photos into focus after you take them!

The Lytro camera works by capturing the entire light field, allowing you to add definition to your snapshots after taking them. It’s small enough to carry with you on all your Dubai sightseeing trips — at less than 13 centimetres long, the Lytro camera is more compact than traditional cameras of comparable quality.

5) Earthmate

Dubai is famous for its extreme desert sports; desert safaris and dune-bashing come to mind! Or maybe you’d like to explore some of Dubai’s waterfalls, fossil-lined cliffs and freshwater lakes. If so, the Earthmate is for you.

The Earthmate is a GPS and text-messaging device that works where mobile phones don’t. You can even send one-way email messages with it. It’s solar-powered and includes access to nautical charts, topographical maps, aerial imagery and barometric altimeter readings. Should you find yourself in an emergency situation in the Dubai desert — or even just out of signal range — the Earthmate will connect you to civilization.

6) LifeProof iPhone Case

The last thing you need on your Dubai holiday is to have something happen to your iPhone. The LifeProof iPhone case protects your costly smartphone from water, dirt, dust, sand and shock. Go ahead, bring your iPhone on that desert safari, carry it with you to the beach or keep it in your pocket as you ski in the Mall of the Emirates. Nothing can hurt it when it’s protected by the LifeProof iPhone case.

7) Powerbag Backpack

Nothing’s more annoying than having your smartphone, camera or laptop die — especially while you’re on holiday or travelling for business. With the Powerbag Backpack, you can recharge your gadgets using the built-in battery system.

The Powerbag Backpack has enough room and juice to recharge as many as four gadgets at once, using micro-USB, mini-USB and standard USB ports. One look at the Powerbag Backpack’s external battery charge meter lets you know right away if the bag itself needs a recharge.

The sights, sounds and attractions of Dubai make this city a hot holiday spot and a top destination among business travellers. Make the most of your Dubai holiday with one of these gadgets.

About the Author: Contributing blogger and travel writer AjeetChaudri has visited more than 30 countries over the last ten years. He looks on Expedia to find hotels in Dubai for his holidays to the United Arab Emirates.

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