6 Excuses A Blogger Should Not Use

Blogger excuses are common. We might know the best blogging tips in the house and could be a prolific writer in our own respective niches. But what use is that if we cannot get ourselves to sit down and type out good content. On more than one occasion, I have myself used some really lame excuses to ease myself from the burden of posting regularly. Excuses are cardinal sins for a blogger who is aiming to be successful. Because until you stop using excuses and start writing, there will be no content for you to post on your own blog or guest post somewhere else.

List of excuses bloggers must avoid!

Keeping that in mind, this is a post that lists 6 excuses that you must not give as a blogger:

I don’t have the time.

This is perhaps the most common and the worst excuse that you can give as a blogger. Time is a commodity that everyone has sparingly. Even the most successful bloggers today did not have as much time as you think. It is all about managing it effectively to get the most out of your day.

I don’t have anything to write about.

Another excuse that is so common among bloggers. Getting ideas for new posts is just a matter of exercising your grey cells or just reading other blogs. In fact, bloggers who use the excuse of lacking ideas are just plain lazy.

Someone writes about this topic better than me.

It is just dumb to use this as an excuse because no matter what topic you write, there is going to be someone who is as good or better than you. The trick is to present your content in the most interesting way possible to engage your audience better than your competitors.

I’m not earning any money doing it.

I agree that for some people blogging is about making money, but lets be frank here. Money does not come easy in blogging any more. It has become a very competitive field with many bloggers in the narrowest of niches. The only way to survive is through patience.

I don’t know coding

Wake up and smell the coffee!! Blogging platforms have evolved over the years to provide you the easiest and most user friendly platforms to blog at. A housewife with no formal education can blog successfully.And if you want added functionality on your blog, there are themes that will allow you to customize with drag-drop. Utilize the advancement!

My English sucks

Most bloggers who started of had huge difficulties with English in writing. They would be grammatically very poor. But improvement is time-dependent process. Give yourself time and experience and watch yourself grow. Lets not forget the proof reading softwares that would check your entire spelling and grammar.

There are a million excuses that you give yourself if you don’t feel like blogging. The important thing as a blogger is to maintain the highest standards of diligence.

I hope this post was insightful! I would love your comments below.

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