5 Tips to Make Your Blog Design Look Professional

Internet and number of leading blog platforms provides good floor for the person who wants to pinch in his/her voice through blogging. The main thing that will attract your readers and stay for longer time is directly proportional to how unique your content is and how professional your blog looks. Here in this article, I am going to discuss few tips to enhance your blog design and make it look like professional.

Custom template

Readymade templates won’t satisfy your eyes and therefore neither of your visitor’s. Making small customizations in your readymade template requires good knowledge of css and HTML. Such small piece of knowledge can be obtained from various internet resources. Customized templates will also display your uniqueness.

Single custom pages

Readers love to see your blog’s sitemap. It is essential to keep good navigation system throughout the blog. Attractive wordings in pages like about us, contact us will improve the reputation of your blog. This will be beneficial for search engine optimization too. Search engines would be able to crawl your blog efficiently.

Meta description and page title

It is important to know that a page title and Meta description plays key role in search engine indexing. If you are using BlogSpot then you should include good keywords in Meta description on which your blog focuses. Adding a short tagline after the page title will also help you to rank higher in search engines.
For example, consider a blog which focuses on blogging and SEO. It may have the second title as “Daily Blogging and SEO tips”. Here is how end results should look like.
Blog name | Second tagline

Subtitles in post

Adding custom subtitles in your articles will make them more appealing. In this scenario, critical care is required in order to make good color/style combinations for various subtitles. Please understand that too much use of subtitles will lead to bad impression.

Social widgets

I am sure that as an active blogger you would definitely be interacting with your readers through social media like Facebook or twitter. If you aren’t then you should start it right away. Number of social/micro networks provides widgets. Make use of these widgets to make your blog design professional. As I said, it will also help you to generate good interaction among your readers.

Bonus tip :

Audience and niche

When you plan to get started with blogging and target one particular niche or set of niches, it is vital to know what color combination your readers will love to see. For example, A fashion blog readers would love to see creative designs whereas a Android blog would love to see combination of green color.

Note: Please don’t use premium templates available from various sites for free. They do possess malicious code and will only affect your blog.

About the author:

Pavan Bawdane is a 20 years old passionate blogger from the city of Mumbai. He loves to blog about Android and tech related stuff. Find out his tips and tutorials about android at androidplus.in.

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