5 Reasons Automated Project Management Solution Rocks

There’s a reason why automation is such a strong word, especially in the business world. Automation is a leverage that allows enterprises to increase production quantity, realize certain levels of quality and economies of scale (think: savings through “bulk buying”) beyond what human labor alone can provide.

For illustration purposes, imagine the eradication of ATMs and online banking. This means you would have to make sure you’re in your bank right before it closes for simple financial transactions like deposits, withdrawals, bills payments, money transfers, and such.

Or better yet, imagine manually updating your team’s project management tracker, creating productivity worksheets, lists, forms and a whole host of administrative reports twice a week or every time a milestone is achieved, not to mention other tasks you need accomplished with the same urgency like communicating with suppliers, attracting potential customers, addressing current clients’ concerns, etc.

If you’re having a hard time imagining, you can rest assured you’re perfectly normal.

Using an automated system, such as an HR management software, gives you an edge over peers who choose to take the manual route to update their trackers. (Believe it or not, there are a lot who still do.) Here are some of the reasons why automatic updating can set you apart:

HR management software

(1) Automatic updating saves you tons of time.

With so much to do and so little time, nowadays, to get a ton of things done, working hard isn’t necessarily the better option. Working smart, as you might have guessed, is the way to go. An award-winning workflow tracking software, like Comindware Tracker, ensures everything is routinely updated – from your reports to your workflow procedures, from common issues to your team’s best practices. This gives you more time to analyze, strategize and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

(2) Automatic updating eradicates the evils of manual updating: lack of integration and communication.

With manual updating, aside from the fact that data calculations and projections may not always be spot on due to possible human inaccuracies, lack of integration and communication among team members may result in reports being filed multiple times, or worse, urgent forms and lists being left out altogether.

(3) Automatic updating enhances overall visibility.

Automatic updating gives all those in on the project a look into the bigger picture, which, in turn, allows them to accurately assess the overall status of the project. Managers are better able to delegate tasks, and workers are notified of their next-step duties in a timely manner. This eliminates chaos and confusion in the workplace.

(4) Automatic updating boosts team collaboration.

Having the right levels of visibility, integration and communication strengthens a team’s morale, hence, team spirit and collaboration. If everyone in the team knows what they’re doing and what the next tasks would be, in case anything untoward happens in the workflow, aside from being able to adapt to changes almost instantaneously, there will be very few, if not zero, finger-pointing and/or scapegoating.

(5) Automatic updating allows you to furnish your customers and superiors with reports any time the need arises.

If your boss or clients are those types who check on the project’s progress whenever they feel appropriate, meaning, without any particular schedule, an updated tracking solution is the best friend you can always count on. With one, everything they need is just a few clicks away, giving you every reason to smile all the way to the moon and back.

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