5 Different Types of Online Advertising You Should Know About

The prominence of online advertising has been growing in stature over the past few years. This trend is expected to continue for many years to come since the available online channels provide companies and businesses with cheap and perfect opportunities to market their products.

Apart from the fact that these online ads tend to be cheaper than other advertising outlets, they are also prominent for their immediate publishing ability. The published information is immediately displayed on the different channels without any geographical limitation. This allows for a wider access of your product hence increasing the chances of being purchased.

Another benefit of adapting online advertising is that it provides the advertisers with an opportunity of customizing their advertisements. This allows for the commercial to be target specific and reach out to the target audience. On the other hand, the online ads give consumers great control over the content.

The common online advertising channels include:

1) Online classified ads

Classified sites such a Craigslist, eBay classifieds, Oodle and Backpage are some of the most popular classified ad sites. These sites are very popular as they allow businesses to place free ads on them and they do the marketing on your behalf. The most incredible thing about these classified ads websites is that they’ll expose your product to a wider audience hence increasing your chances of making an actual sale.

2) Display ads

In this kind of advertising, the advertiser uses web banners or banner ads and places them on third party websites/blogs. A live casino gaming company can use the banner ads to drive traffic to their websites and also use them to increase product awareness. To make these ads more interactive, advertises include animated images, videos and audio clips. Most of these ads use demographic and geographic targeting.


Online advertising makes use of a number of targeting techniques including contextual targeting and behavioural targeting. In behavioural targeting, advertisers monitor a user’s online behaviour and try to makes the most out of it. Based on your clickstream analysis provided by the cookies installed on your computer’s browser, your data can easily be collected. If for example in the recent past you’ve been making searches targeting automobile sites, this information is collected. Once it has been established that you’ve been making automobile searches, you are then served with automobile related ads.

3) Affiliate marketing  

In affiliate marketing, advertisers place online campaigns with a large number of publishers who are promised a certain percentage of the media fee once they manage to generate web traffic on behalf of the advertiser. In this kind of advertising the results are dependent on the call-to-action.

4) Social networking ads 

This form of advertising takes place through the different social networks that are usually available in the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They can take the form of direct display ads, self-service ads or ad serving.

5) Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM tends to market websites by increasing their visibility among the different search engines. Among the many SEM strategies include: paid placements, paid inclusions and contextual ads.

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