5 Best Games for your Android Phones


If one has a fancy Android phone there are lots of choices that will satisfy one’s taste of every type of game .There are arcade games, racing games, word games, puzzle games, deep action role play games and the best part is that most of them are available at a low cost (and some are free of cost). So here’s a list that includes the best games for Android phones.

1. Angry Birds

This comes to the first position as this is an amazing Android game which is very popular. It had earned downloads of more than two million in its first week of availability. This is a free application to download. This game has launched its many versions but it’s always fun to use a slingshot to launch and angry bird at the pigs .With its vivid structures and the intent of destroying all the pigs on the field, new types of birds are available as one advances in the game which have some special abilities.

2.Cut the Rope

A game of ZeptoLab’s which has slicing and tapping methods by which one can get cute lite alien Om Nom and giving him candy is not that difficult to execute. It’s good for schoolers. The cartoon presentation also makes it quite fun. One can get that for $1.99 from android market. It is an easy puzzle, with its latest level meant to test the mastery of the players.

cut the rope game for android

3. Dead Space
This is a game by EA sports. This showcases sci-fi horror and is a landmark in mobile gaming. This game features rich audio experience, gripping and cutting edge visual. The effects produce cinematic horror with a great soundtrack and amazing movie quality which can emerse anyone in dread of space. It has 6 environments to choose and battle with Necromorphs using simple swipe and tap control. There are many exclusive weapons in this game that includes Core extractor, new plasma saw and much more. It’s available in the android market at a price of 6.99$.

Dead Space Game by EA Sports for Android

4. Fruit Ninja

This is a pretty straight forward game where you are the shadow warrior having sword skills to slice up the fruits that bounce on the screen in front of the player. This game is more about controlling one’s reflexes than just wildly slashing at the screen. This game is meant for people expert at repression; one can cut loose and the bomb that comes on the screen gives a chance for more practice along with holding urges.

fruit ninja game for android

5. Muffin Knight

This game is like a fairy tale brought by the creators of Guerrilla Bob .This is an action packed game where a player fertilizes the forest with unicorn , flood the world with candy , cover the sky with black holes or do anything else to get the muffins back. This game has stunning visuals. This game is about a story of a little boy and his journey to return the magical muffins to the old fairy .The boy has a strange curse whenever he touches any muffin he converts into a different creature .When he gets all the muffins the old fairy promises to turn him back into a boy. There are many fairy tale characters in this game with unique abilities and they gain strength as one advance in the game.


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