5 Android Apps to Automatically Silence and Restore your Phone to Ringer Mode

Even the most basic mobile comes equipped with an alarm to get users out of bed, remind them of important tasks like buying birthday presents for loved ones, or even to take medicines at a set time. But what if your routine involves being in a quiet environment for set periods during the day and an alarm to remind you to turn your ringer off is just going to invite the nasty glares you were hoping to avoid?

Well, it seems the inventive world of mobile apps has an answer to even the strangest of problems. Today we’ll review Android apps that can automatically turn the ringer of your mobiles off, and activate them back at a set trigger.

Llama – Location Profiles

Here is an app that’s so smart it can automatically change your phone’s settings depending on where you are. The Llama app works on recognizing and remembering phone masts around a particular area. This method, rather than GPS, reduces battery usage. Based on these phone masts, the app lets you preconfigure action profiles along with durations. For example, you can make it ‘learn’ to be on silent during 9 am to 6 pm as that is when you are in your ‘Office’ location. At your ‘Home’ location, you can teach the app to turn the wi-fi on your mobile on or forward calls to another number, and even to be silent during your sleeping hours. For folks who appreciate cutesy stuff, the Llama runs a tiny llama-shaped icon in your notification bar and comes with the disclaimer ‘Not related to the Dalai Lama’.

Llama - location profiles android app

Busy Me

A simple app that works with your calendar to understand when it should shut off your phone’s ringer. Based on events in your calendar, it automatically turns your phone to silent and restores the audio once the event is over. Great for managing the ringer if you have many meetings through your work day. You can also get creative with the app to set calendar events like movies or ‘sleep’ and manage your phone’s ringer.

busy me android app

Smart Volume Profiler

Another location-based audio profile manager app, but with a twist. This one works by identifying and remembering wi-fi networks and adjusting your audio profile based on this information. You can also set event-based triggers for this app. Also let’s you lock a profile, overriding all other triggers. Ideal if you’re preparing for your exams at home and don’t want to be disturbed for long stretches of time.

Smart Volume Profiler android app

Silent Time

If you want to set a fixed schedule for the week and you don’t use the inbuilt calendar functionality, then Silent Time is the app for you. Students who need their phones to be on silent during fixed times of the day will especially find this useful. Moreover, you can set exceptions for certain numbers so if your BFF calls during class, or your wife during a meeting, you’ll get to hear their call for help.

Silent Time android app

Phone Silencer

This is for those who forget to turn their mobile ringers on once they’ve finished an engagement, and end up with a slew of missed calls and messages. Remembered to set your phone to silent before a play but forgot to turn it back to an audible setting? Well, that’s no more a worry with the Phone Silencer app. You can use it to keep an audio profile for a fixed duration. So at the end of your two-hour play, your phone will be back to ringing mode.

Phone Silencer android app

Do you know other productivity tools for Android phones? Do share them with us.

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