3 Types of Videos You Should Post on Your Business Blog

Since almost everyone has blogs to promote their businesses, extra effort is often taken to ensure that the contents of each blog could be considered remarkable and relevant in the industry. This is why most people who are working on creating content for blogs have taken to varying the form of the content they post on such sites. One of the most popular forms of content you can find on the Internet today is the video. With its wonderful mix of audio and visuals, a video can convey ideas and information in an effective and entertaining way.

Of course, you really have to make sure that the videos you’re posting on your blog are truly helping you establish the kind of authority you want in your industry. Provided that you already have a theme or goal upon which you are basing the direction of your content, it shouldn’t be all that hard to figure out which video topics you could or could not post on your blog.

That being said, there are three types of videos that you really should consider posting on your business blog, if you really want to catch the attention of your target audience.

General Informative Videos

Any video that is offers step-by-step instructions for engaging in a service and using a product and its specific features or provides watchers with a backgrounder on new technology, is considered “general informative”. The purpose of these videos is to provide people with basic, easy-to-digest information that will give them the tools to manage and enjoy particular aspects of your business. More often than not, videos such as this can be based off of abbreviated slideshows set to music. Putting this on your blog allows newcomers to feel like they have a better grasp of what you can give them.

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Webinar Videos

Webinar videos can come in two variations: they can simply be audio recordings set against a static wall paper, or they could involve actual footage of a person giving a lecture and answering questions. Either way, a webinar involves an industry expert directly addressing specific issues and challenges that interested parties may wish to know more about. Unlike general informative videos, webinar videos tend to offer more in-depth information that a specialist alone can answer. Putting this on your blog allows dedicated followers to gain more value out of following your posts.

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Interview Videos

Interview videos often present watchers information that is primarily following a question and answer format. Such videos can feature an expert associated with your company or a loyal customer who is pleased with your products or services. They can be news, or they can have human interest appeal. More often than not, this type of video gives your blog’s followers some insight into the priorities of your company. Putting this on your blog allows people to potentially make a connection with your business.

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The RingCentral Small Business Blog basically has examples of all three types, if you’d like to see how you can use videos for your business blog.

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