Month: July 2018

Study Says 67% iPhone Users are Debt Prone [An Infographic]

Study Says 67% iPhone Users are Debt Prone [An Infographic]

It’s a great time to be an Apple fan as the long awaited iPhone 5 is set to hit the shelves. There have been the usual diehard fans camping out in front of Apple stores hoping to be one of the first to get their hands on the coveted gadget.

If you are thinking of rushing out to purchase the phone and join the ranks of the privileged elite by sporting one of the most sought after pieces of technology on the market, it really is well advised to review your expenses first.

Debt management advice centre Payplan embarked on some research following the design of their mobile website which was brought about to further help those who use smart phones. After noticing that a massive 67% of traffic to the Payplan mobile website was coming from iPhones, it seemed there could be a correlation made into relationship between those who own this particular type smart phone and those who are need of advice about debt.

With the help of a poll from YouGov, it would seem there are some interesting statistics brought to light. One of the more profound statistic showed that one in five iPhone users admitted they were always overdrawn, another is the fact that iPhone users are more likely to be in a lesser paid job than those who use BlackBerrys and Androids.

They have also made an effort into extrapolating some metrics to do with the lifestyle of the average iPhone user and why their budgets will likely be thinly stretched. All of the stats and the possible reasons behind them are explained in the interactive iPhone infographic below:


5 Useful Android Apps For Business Purposes

5 Useful Android Apps For Business Purposes

Did you even think about using your Android device for your business needs? Yeah, it’s possible. Android is all-in-one device in the real sense. This open-source operating system has invited developers from all over the globe and the long list of developers has also got some developers which are business-minded. It has resulted in development of many business related apps. The people who think that Android is a device for entertainment only, they are going to be proved wrong as I am going to list business apps for Android. So let’s have a look at it.


Locale is very interesting app to use. You must have gone through the situation when you had been in office meeting and suddenly your phone rung. This is the most irritating situation and Locale is the app that brings end to it. It puts your phone to silent mode, when you are in a meeting and automatically bring it to normal mode when you reach home. Moreover, this app also helps to save your Android’s memory by putting the WiFi and Bluetooth off.

locale android app

Documents To Go

Documents to Go is an awesome app for all business persons. In business, you need to work with lots of document daily. Nothing can be better than the facility of accessing them on the go. You can do it on your Android via Documents To Go. It’s an awesome Android app that allows you to read the Microsoft Word documents, PDF files on your Android device, in an intuitive user interface.

Documents To Go App


Worried about the Sensex, but don”t have any resource to access the updated data? Your Android can help you in this and Stock is the app that you need to have installed in order to do this task. Stocks app integrates with Google Finance and shows you up to date data of Sensex and Nifty.

stocks android app

Google Translate

Your business demands you to travel in different cities and countries. Well, it’s also a sure fact that you will not be able to understand language of other people . Google Translate can help you in this. The updated Google Translate app supports almost 160 languages to convert between.

Google Translate Android App


Don’t follow the old fashion of carrying a small copy along with pen in your pocket. Run with the same pace of today’s world. Evernote is the app that works as an awesome replacement for your old style notebook. Evernote converts your Android into a virtual notepad on which you need not to run any pen to write down the info, but yes, to move your fingers to do the same. New updated version of the app allows you to save the info via voice recording feature.

Your Android has potential to help you in your business. These apps are waiting for you in the Google Play. Give them a try now and convert your Android into a virtual business assistant.

evernote android app


Protect your Pictures with Facebook Social Protection App

Guest Post – Protect your Pictures with Facebook Social Protection App

With Facebook privacy concerns increasing day by day, many companies are trying to help users by giving them an advantage over the Facebook privacy settings. Recently Intel and McAfee joined hands to bring together a new browser plug-in for the famous Facebook, the social networking website that has taken the world by storm. The application known as the Facebook Social App is something that will guard your pictures and protect your privacy by drawing a thick wall around your photos and you would still be able to share them with your friends, according to your personal choice.

According to the senior vice president of McAfee, Mr. Brian Foster said that this combination will be intended towards giving users more protection over their digital content and also allowing them to choose their variable audience. If you don’t want people to share your pictures then you don’t have to sit confused or worried or even delete the pictures anymore, with this plug-in you’ll be able to control who views your pictures and who doesn’t.

Apart from this Mr. Foster said that the application is basically aimed to focus on everyday use considering sometimes persons personal content on the internet and especially Facebook is sometimes misused by those who aren’t ethical internet users. Every year Facebook encounters thousands of complaints regarding the misuse of pictures and even fake profiles. The inability to control pictures and who views them has caused innumerable Facebook users to express concern considering their wall photos and personal pictures have been shared and re-shared and then later copied into someone else’s profile. This has also caused problems when it comes to Facebook hacking, considering fake profiles don the pictures of real people and have albums and profile pictures stocked with them many take them as real users but don’t know that these innocent pretentious pictures are a lie, it’s someone else’s identity and someone else’s privacy.

mcafee social protection app for facebook

The McAfee department said that this plug-in would be soon available to all users on the internet, most probably by the end of this August. The application plug-in will easily work on the Internet Explorer 8 and above and also the Firefox 8 version and above.

Mr. Foster stated that this application will act like a guard and lock against all Facebook pictures that have been uploaded by you. Once the plug-in is download all you need to do is restart the browser to access the plug-in and it then pixelates your photos posted on Facebook. In case you want the application to work faster you should also ask your friends to download the plug-in and give all your group complete safety and security. According to Mr. Foster, McAfee hasn’t currently decided on the price issue of the plug-in. The initial idea would be that the application be given to users free of cost but later it might add some exceeding features which would protect users on Facebook and the internet.

facebook social protection app

Once the product is launched it will be a free beta plug-in as the company wants to gain consumer feedback and their notions about the product and service. The product has another very interesting feature. It does a facial recognition and later identifies untagged pictures of you on Facebook. Once you find the picture you can tag it and control who views it, so incase any of your friends haven’t tagged you in a picture then you wont have to worry about random pictures floating on a friends profile, you will be able to have access and control any pictures that have your name on them.

If browsers were celebrities [Infographic]

Just like Hollywood’s wildest celebrities, internet web browsers seem to each have a personality and temper of their own. While Safari can act up like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Firefox has a more Morgan Freeman approach to life. Check out this infographic to see if you agree with each web browser’s celebrity counterpart.