10 Best Antivirus Software of 2012


Antivirus software is now a must for every computer. With the growth of internet virus, hackers, malwares, etc. one needs adequate protection. Antivirus software helps to secure a personal computer from such threats. Many such Antivirus programs are available and they are released with some upgrades each year. But only a few of them are effective against internet viruses.

The 10 best Antivirus software of 2012 have been chosen based on their ease of installation and use, feature upgrades and range of protection.


BitDefender is the ultimate Antivirus software that is found today. The latest 2012 edition has new features such as Gaming mode which allows the user full screen mode access while playing games and an Active Virus control which attempts to keep a steady watch of your PC and remove any suspicious activity or threat.


The next in line is the Kaspersky. It is the only Antivirus program which can detect malwares and viruses with a 100 % rate of success. The desktop security widget is very user friendly and helps to monitor for suspicious files or programs.

Webroot Spy Sweeper

Webroot Spy Sweeper is the best spyware removing tool and along with Sophos Antivirus protection it helps to keep your PC safe and secure.

Norton Antivirus

Next in line comes the Norton Antivirus. The 2012 edition of Norton has a lot of features and tools. This Antivirus is the most popular among all and is very user friendly. It has a unique algorithm which is used to browse files and folders and analyze their level of threat. However the main disadvantage is that, Norton has compatibility issues with other software.


G-data is also an effective Antivirus program. It relatively new in the market and has already become quite popular. It has two different engines to scan the PC in search of malwares and threats. But G-data does not have features like gamer mode, energy saving mode, etc. like the other antiviruses.


AVG Antivirus is another effective and popular Antivirus program. It has some useful attributes such as the Link Scanner which secures your PC from harmful websites. This Antivirus also features the unique social networking site protection. This feature safeguards your PC from threats on the social media like Facebook, twitter, etc.


ESET is the next best Antivirus software. It is effective against securing your PC, but it is not so user friendly.


Vipre is easy to use Antivirus software. It is quite effective against viruses and malwares and has a multiple license option.


Avira is the next best Antivirus software. Although cheap it misses out on some important features like rollback functionality and gamer mode.

Trend micro

The last is the Trend micro. It is the best cloud security tool and provides real time protection. It reduces the burden on your PC by scanning and removing problems in cloud rather than on your PC’s space.

Choose according to your need

In choosing the best Antivirus software you must be clear about their pros and cons. And of course price is an important thing to be kept in mind.

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